A. Food Poisoning - Why Good Food Hygiene is Important

Of course the main reason to make sure that food businesses practice good food hygiene is to avoid more cases of food poisoning but there are other benefits including:

On the other hand, the costs of poor food hygiene can be great:

And whilst the above benefits and costs seem to be the concern of the owner of the food business or manager, those who are employed in a business also have a very real interest in its success. Loss of reputation and trade, or closure of the premises can result in poor job security and possible job losses.


Food Hygiene is about all the measures we can take to ensure the wholesomeness of food and prevent food poisoning. In England and Wales there are almost 100,000 reported cases of food poisoning a year, although the actual number of cases may be as high as one million. Each year several people die from food poisoning, and those particularly at risk are the very young, the elderly, pregnant women and those already ill. Besides avoiding food poisoning, there are other benefits of good food hygiene, particularly ensuring that the good reputation of the food business is maintained, leading to higher profits and job security.

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