Does the Healthy Distance Online Basic Food Hygiene Training Course satisfy the law?
The UK and European Food Hygiene Regulations require all food handlers to be supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters. The Healthy Distance Online Basic Food Hygiene Course fully meets these legal requirements.

Is a distance- learning course really legal for food handlers?
This is a question that has sometimes been raised by clients. It certainly is! In fact several of the officially approved Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practice refer specifically to distance learning as a suitable method of food hygiene training.

Will the local environmental health officer accept the Healthy Distance Course?
The course meets the legal requirements and has been used by food businesses across the United Kingdom for over five years, without difficulty. Healthy Distance Limited is a registered training centre of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and is on a number of local authority lists of companies who offer food hygiene training.

Is a certificate awarded at the end of the course?
Yes, if the final test is completed with 20 or more correct answers out of 30 then a certificate can be printed off to confirm the successful completion of the course (Sample Certificate)

How long will it take to complete the course?
In a classroom it would take about 6 hours to complete the course. But one of the advantages of an online course is that a person can study at their own pace. How long it actually takes will depend on your existing knowledge. If you already have a good understanding of food hygiene you are likely to complete the course quickly - if not it will take longer. We have had students who have completed the course in 2 hours whilst others have taken well over the 6 hours to finish.

Is there a time limit on the course?
No, once you have enrolled you can take as long as you like.